Q: What areas does Jackson Property Management Corona cover?
A: Jackson Property Management Corona manages properties in Corona, Norco, and the surrounding areas.

Q: What kinds of rental properties do we manage?
A: We manage any residential property such as single family homes, multi-plexes, condos, and more.

Q: What types of management services does Jackson Property Management Corona provide?
A: We are a full service property management company who offers the full gambit of services. Our company focuses purely on property management. Most companies who provide property management are real estate agencies who also have a small property management team. Jackson Property Management Corona doesn't buy or sell real estate we focus purely on property management. We provide a strong marketing strategy to get your property rented faster. We run our rental applicants through a criminal check, credit check, and also a income verification to ensure we place a quality tenant. We also get the lease signed, enforce it, collect rent, quickly disperse the rent to owners, and perform collections. Inspections is another important service we provide, we inspect all our properties multiple times each year to ensure the property is properly taken care of. We have an maintenance staff in house to take care of any issues that may come up, but we also allow the properties owners to perform maintenance on their own. Lastly in the rare case where we have to evict a tenant, we have a Eviction Protection Plan available that will cover all eviction costs.

Q: What do we charge for property management services?
A: Jackson Property Management Corona offers a easy and affordable fee structure for our management services. If you need management for multi-plexes or multi-family units, contact us for a custom management quote. For single family properties we have a small, one time start up fee which will cover all of the costs of marketing and advertising to find a tenant. Unlike our competitors we don't charge any leasing fees which often times equates them taking up to 75% of the 1st months' rent and collecting this fee every time a new lease is signed. Our company will never charge a lease-up fee. Our monthly fee to manage your property 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days out of the year will be a small percentage of rent collected. We don't charge this fee until a tenant is placed and we are collecting rent.

Q: Who decides the rent price?
A: Our managers and leasing team will use their knowledge of the local market, through research, and the latest tools to provide you with accurate market rent rates. We will recommend to you a rental price based on these factors, but ultimately we allow the owners to pick the rent price point.

Q: How long will it take to find a tenant?
A: For properties that are in good rent ready condition and are priced at market rent price, the average time it takes to place a tenant is 26 days. If your property is in not in rent ready condition or is priced at above rent market price, the property can take much longer to rent.

Q: Who will pay for the upkeep and maintenance costs?
A: Unless the renter is found to be responsible for damage or does not properly maintain the property, the owner must pay for repair costs.

Q: Why choose Jackson Property Management Corona?
A: You've found the best value in Corona when it comes to property management. We offer a comprehensive service that is highly cost-effective, that will relive you of the stresses that comes with land lording. Choosing Jackson Property Management Corona is a decision you will be glad you made.